March 2016

Let Your Blood Be Drawn No More: Cleaner Gardens For Safer Environments

Insects that carry diseases are all around us. In the recent past, the world experiences a rise in insect-borne diseases and epidemics such as dengue and the zika virus, rapidly spreading too many countries in different regions, victimising hundreds and thousands of people. It is common knowledge that the spread of these deadly diseases can easily be prevented by simply maintaining clean environments, but unfortunately most of us are not aware of how we can make our surroundings safer. Read on to get an idea of how you can do your part in ensuring the health and safety of your family by keeping it clean;

Secret Ingredient – Clean Water
Mosquito control becomes more difficult when there is rain water or other sources of clean water that is available freely for them to lay eggs in. The presence of places where water can collect and go unnoticed is the most dangerous way in which mosquitoes breed. It would take careful searching and proper cleaning out and elimination of such places to ensure that your garden is not a place where disease-carrying insects are populating in. Turn over empty flower pots and other containers in your garden such as pails and watering cans while they are not in use.

Proper Disposal of Waste
Disposing of your waste in a proper manner by throwing your trash in bins with covers, and remembering to replace the cover after placing your garbage in them can make a lot of difference to your current mosquito problem. Also, if there are any plastic covers, bags, outdoor tents or other water-resistant material exposed to rain water in your garden, remember to remove them from your garden. You will find that mosquito control is much more simplified when your garbage is not contributing to the problem, see this good sanitizing services.

Pesticides Keep the Situation under Control
If the preventative measures are not bringing about the desired results, it is probably a good idea to resort to more extreme solutions. There have been several pesticides specially developed to eliminate the mosquito crisis. If you are not sure what types of pesticides to use and how to administer the pesticides, it is best that you leave this job to a professional exterminator who will be more capable and experienced in this aspect? It might be a bit expensive to hire an exterminator for this task, but considering the fact that you and your family are at great risk of falling victim to dangerous diseases that can result in death, it will be money well spent.