How To Select The Ideal Location For EV Charging Stations?

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With the wave of the electric cars that has been sold during past few years, it has now become a golden time to invest on charging stations. However, when you are truly assessing the problem, it will be an issue of ‘where?’ over ‘how many?’ in the end. The bottom-line is that, you simply have to be extremely careful about where you will be opening the charging outlet because there is absolutely no point of opening one at a place where there are no vehicles.

When it comes to any IEC 62196 HK, there are a few factors that specify them. Usually this is based on the power that they can deal with. There are namely 4 levels and a special type that manufactured by the world famous Tesla. The differentiation is as follows.

Level 1 – providing a power that does not exceed 110v and it is a wall outlet

Level 2 – This can provide a charging that vary from 10-20 mph and the voltage is roughly 220v

Level 3 – These are quite identical to the level 2 but structurally improved

Level 4 – Commonly known as fast chargers, these are capable of charging up to 80% over 60 mph in some EVs, in approximately 30 minutes

Superchargers – Introduced by the Tesla company they are simply the best

Now we can get to the destinations part.

If your outlet is situated at a place where drivers tend to spend a less time, such as a highway rest stop, cafes, pizzerias and even bars, the level 3/4 , the fast chargers fit the job the most. Given that these stations contain more power, it is better to always hire the best manufacturers to get the job done. That way, when you clients are leaving your premises, you will have two means of income.

What if you own a shopping mall, a parking place or even a movie theatre and looking forward to invest in EV charging? Level 2 charges are the ones that work the best for you. When your clients have spent their time inside the place, their vehicles will be well charged. The added benefit of this is that, although it takes a longer time for the charge transfer it won’t be a problem because the customers will be busy doing other things.

The level 1 ones are most suitable for public parking garages and apartment buildings where there are consumers. But sometimes, the type of your business might not belong to any on the categories. This is when you need tailored options. As long as your choice of manufacturer is a reliable one, you will have always have more than one option granted.